University of the People – Week 1.5

November 22, 2015 Leave a comment

So, I am a week and a half into it. For the most part, I have enjoyed the courses so far.

A few reflections:

  • I can see how people have difficulty managing time (especially working full-time and having other commitments). There just isn’t time to spend (waste) deliberating a forum post or learning journal entry. Important to get the outline of what you want to write, write, review/proof, and post.  I can’t imagine procrastination is rewarded.
  • If the concept is not clear in your head, it probably won’t come be clear on paper, forum post, blog post, or journal entry.
  • Maybe online learning is not for me. I think everyone goes through this at some point.
  • Be efficient.

I think I see a theme emerging – work efficiently and effectively. The same can be said for most things like work, managing projects, and online learning.

University of the People Journey!

November 8, 2015 Leave a comment

I was recently accepted into the University of the People – Computer Science Associate’s degree Program. I am excited about this new journey and have decided to chronicle it here. For those unfamiliar with the University, you can get an idea what it’s all about here and here.  In short, it is a tuition free (fees still apply) online university.

For sometime, I had been looking to take courses in computer science and programming with the goal of pursuing employment in this area (transitioning out of housing and property management).  After considering a few options, I choose UofPeople because:

  • Opportunity to gain tech skills and knowledge
  • Connect with others across the globe
  • Affordability (For the record, I did not apply for a scholarship for the fees, there are others more in need than myself)
  • Flexibility of online courses

My motivation for applying was not to get a degree (although this is nice), but to learn more about computer science and programming. Of course, I was hoping to take the Fundamentals of Programming my first semester, but I am “stuck” in globalization. In my past life, I was an international relations/comparative politics person, so I am kind of excited about the course.

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September 8, 2015 Leave a comment

After two long weekends and some time to think, I am not sure that property management/affordable housing is necessarily the best fit for my talents and interests. It is time to consider other options.

Although, I have experience in property management and affordable housing, I am far more interested in pursuing technology, web development, e-Learning, and cyber security. There just isn’t a way to pursue these areas in my current position, at least not in any meaningful way.

So, is anyone interested in someone with housing experience, a MS degree in performance improvement/training and development, and a strong interest in technology, web development, and cyber security?

Time to find out.

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The Universe and I – Online Application Edition

5 AM, no sun yet. Coffee not even done. Here I sit working on a cover letter for a position (Major area employer), I probably won’t even get a call for.

How, I hate applying online. The horrors. The enter everything and lose connectivity. Non-loading resumes and cover letters. Trying to remember the address I lived at 10 years ago. So many frustrating things. I understand the logic, but hate doing the online applications. Often it is very time consuming for nothing. A waste of time.

This is not a meaningless, random, or purposeless post. There is motive. I hope that by putting it online,  the universe will grab a hold of it and prove me wrong. Come-on universe, I challenge you. Prove me wrong.

Consider it a prayer, a plea, a challenge to prove me wrong. Regardless of what is called, just make it happen.

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FC Kahuna – Hayling

For no particular reason other than it is a great song and the video reminds me of Ex Machina.

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Projects, Learning, and Transitions.

Excited. After contemplation, I am transitioning into programming and IT (yes I realize these are two different areas). I am hoping to learn more about each area, so that I can make a decision on which to pursue.

Currently, I am attacking it at all angles. Working on:

  • Comptia A+ certification training with Cybrary and Professor Messer I am planning to complete the certification by the end of the year.  Both are good, but I think I prefer Professor Messer’s training delivery over Cybrary.
  • Coding at Codeacademy and Freecodecamp. I like both and am enjoying learning the basics of HTML and CSS. Also Codeacademy offers Java Script, Ruby on Rails, Python, and Command line (Completed!) tutorials.
  • Reading on cyber-security and IT topics.
  • Applying at University of the People for their Associates in Computer Science. A great way to get some low cost training, have structure, and hopefully build a portfolio.
  • Looking to connect with people on similar interests.

In any event, I plan to be busy in my transition from property management to technology. Also, I think my blog posts will be evolving and reflect my developing interest in technology and computers.

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Solution Path

Its funny, how sometimes we are stuck on a problem that seems insurmountable, the answer is apparent after we take a break from it.

For example, I am working on learning HTML and CSS and was stuck on a part of the tutorial. I put the problem down, went to work and about my day. Coming back to the problem 12 hours later, the answer jumped right out at me! Problem solved. Bring on the next one.

Putting down the problem and walking away can be the path to the solution.

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