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Dear Charlotte,: Connections

February 19, 2011 Leave a comment

Dear Charlotte,

In your first 14 months on this earth we have experienced many things together. I have learned a great deal from you and hopefully taught you a few things (sometimes at the dismay of your mother).  One of the lessons, I have learned from you is how you interact with others. Even though your mother and I are still changing your diapers, you have an amazing way of drawing others to you. Don’t stop doing this. The only person that works a room better than you is a politician.

I can only speculate on how you developed your skill of working a room, but I have discerned a few clues such as:

  1. You are not yet social inhibited
  2. You are just being yourself
  3. You have a genuine and very natural curiosity about others
  4. You are incredibly adorable and people are often drawn the physical appearance of others

Of course this is all speculation from observing you in social situations.

What you don’t yet understand is how important this skill is in life.  The ability to connect with people is imperative for success. You will need to make connections and get along with others in school, working, and in social settings. By doing so you will be increasing your opportunities to for professional advancement, meaningful relationships and friendships, chances to give back to your community, and the likelihood of living a meaningful life.

Your loving father and co-head of “Charlotte’s Entourage.”




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Pink, North Central Wisconsin, and Roads

February 19, 2011 Leave a comment

It is winter time. Winter means snow, ice, slush, and bad driving conditions.  I have spent considerable amounts of time traveling this winter. While traveling, I have spent time trying to avoid Pink’s music on the radio, and staring at the sometimes snow covered road, I had an unremarkable thought.

The roads reminded me of the omnipresence of government–be it federal, state, or local. The roads were built and maintained with government funds. Government vehicles drive on them. Government funds come from tax dollars, which in turn, come from the people.  With the current tax revenue crunches at the state level. Tough choices will need to be made.

However, it bears remembering that tax revenues fund a wide variety desirable and essential services, such as education, police departments, fire departments, business incentives, affordable housing, funding for social services, and on and on. These services often solve market gaps. Not everyone can be wealthy enough to afford market housing and housing subsidy is far more desirable than having more homeless families. The debates is not about doing away with services, but the conflict lies in the level of funding.

Judging by the snow covered roads, it appears that the state of Wisconsin and local governments have already stopped plowing.  Avoiding Pink on the radio, I had my own tough choice to make……Sean Hannity or Country Music? Sometimes there is no “win-win” choice.

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