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The Interview.

The job interview. The interview does not begin with the handshake at the interview. It does not begin with a friendly greeting to the receptionist. Not in the parking lot as you arrive 5 minutes early. Nor with the submission of your application for the position.

The job interview starts at your very first job, whether it was flippin’ burgers or baggin’ groceries or something else all together. It began with how you greeted customers, how you stayed late on a Friday night to finish the job, how you took helped the new guy or gal learn the ropes.

The interview continued with your second, third, and fourth jobs…college, graduate school, volunteering, and so on. The interview is on-going and continuous.

The interview continues throughout your career, differnet interviewers come and go. It may be a difficult customer who realizes, I can use somebody like that in my organization or a chance to pitch an idea to an executive at a conference. The interviewer may be a contact that is looking to hire for a position in the next year. The interviewer may a Linkedin user posting in your groups that is repeatedly impressed by your comments and thinks you might be a great fit for his organization.

Interviewers change, interviews are on-going, we never know where the next opportunity will come from.

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