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3Things I Learned From Charlotte

Although my daughter is 15 months old. She is quite the teacher.

  1. Approach each new day with enthusiasm and ebullience. Charlotte wakes up each morning with unbridled enthusiasm, which is evident by the loud sounds coming from the monitor. She is usually getting a start on the day by playing and looking at books. When her mother and I go upstairs to change her diaper and get her dressed she greets us with big smiles and hugs. How do you greet the day?
  2. Learn and try new things. At 15 months, Charlotte is all about trying different things and learning new skills. This skills included ascending and descending the stairs, twisting caps on and off bottles, turning the Television on and off, and sampling new foods. She is constantly learning and experimenting, sometimes at the alarm and dismay of her parents.
  3. If you fall get up. Get up and try again and again and again. She embraces “Don’t stop, don’t give-up,” which hears on her favorite show, Yo Gabba Gabba!

I can only hope she will learn as much from me as I have learned from her.

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