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Werewolves, Cat Eating Moms, and other Blog Abortions.

Blog ideas started, but not followed through to completion. Abandoned blog ideas list:

A blog idea abandoned: using The Tragically Hip’s song “Ahead by a Century” as a springboard to launch a discussion about ideas and being passionate about them, or as I now refer to ideas as “being stung by the hornet” and “having a feverish dream.” In any event, enjoy the video and employ your interpretation of the lyrics.

Something titled “Popular Guy….Who Know? Clearly I had taken drunken foray into fiction….who knew or cares?

The moral imperative of service delivery dealing the idea that organizations have a moral imperative to efficiently and effectively deliver services. This is truly one of my better ideas and needs to be developed.

Something about werewolves, your mom eating my cat….not sure I remember where I was going with this post, probably best that I had forgotten–say hello to my little trash bin.

The difference between fact and opinion, with regard to the proliferation of opinion as fact on the internet and blogs…For example five methods to improving your resume, klout score, and so on.

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