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10 Commandments of Training from an Organizational Perspective

Training, often is administered poorly, not tracked, not evaluated, and commonly used as an excuse to get a free lunch or out-of-work for the day.  Below are 10 Training Commandments (as arbitrarily decided by me) that organizations break.

  1. Thou shall never send anyone to training just because the price has been reduced.
  2. Training shall not be utilized unless there is level 1 and level 2 evaluation (preferably there would be level 3 and 4 evaluations too).
  3. Thou should manage the organizational learning function. There should be a plan.
  4. Thou shall align training with organizational goals, processes, and objectives.
  5. Training, training, or more training is not always the solution to your organizational or performance problem(s).
  6. Training must be learner focused. For more information see adult learning theory.
  7. Thou must have refreshments at any training/learning event.
  8. Simply transferring manuals etc to online slide show is not e-learning or online learning.
  9. Never ever design training that is simply someone reading off of a Power Point slide, unless you are training on how to read off a Power Point slide or torture them.
  10. Thou should always adhere to ADDIE.

I suspect there are more than 10 too.

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