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Master Yoda MBA

October 10, 2012 Leave a comment

With the acquisition of knowledge, responsibility comes, it does. And when to use this knowledge, wisdom comes it does.


Dear Bad Boss

Dear “Bad Boss,”

I have been meaning to write you this letter for a while. I am writing not to tell you that you are no leader or manager, to condemn you with profanity, or to call you out for the sneaky things you did. Good and bad the record speaks for itself. Instead I am writing to thank you for all things I was able to learn from our brief and stormy tenure together. I have “drilled down” and “boiled down” the lessons to bullet points.

  • Professional attire: Shirts should always be buttoned-up so as to conceal chest hair and/or medallions
  • Change management: When attempting implement change management, it is important to navigate organizational politics with your supervisors and other stakeholders. Others will make or break you.
  • Communication: I have become very good at short to-the-point emails.
  • Leadership: When I saw you walk by and not pick-up a Kleenex on the floor, you instantly failed my leadership test. It reminded me that leaders will do the little things, pick-up the Kleenex, get their own coffee, help others out from time-to-time.
  • Personal Organization: Always be prepared and double check your presentation when going before your supervisor(s).
  • Organizational Vision: If you have a vision of how an organization should be, you have to sell and get people on board with you. Failure is likely if changes are just implemented without little forethought to organizational structure, politics, and institutions.

Thank you, I have learned these lessons as well as many others. Learning them firsthand from a good teacher definitely had an impact.

Reflecting back, I often wonder what was the point of it all? Why did you choose to do things as you did? How did you develop the conclusions that this was the best way to lead an organization?

In any event, I hope things are well and you are working again.

Best regards,

Michael Dvorscak

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