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Dear Recent LinkedIn Connection

Dear Linkedin Connection,

Thank you for recently connecting with me. It is always nice to make a local connection in our industry. As someone once told me, it is a large industry, but a small world.  Within in 24 hours of connecting, you did something I found tacky. You asked me if I know someone who was hiring in our field. So, I offered you a few resources that might be helpful given your background and our industry. From our brief, exchange here are a few things, I thought were at best tacky (unprofessional at worst), you:

  • Used the “generic LinkedIn” invite.
  • Did not respond or say “Thank you.”
  • Did not proof read your long reply to me asking about job opportunities.
  • Wrote an unclear email to me (I got the impression, you were asking me to conduct your job search or look for a suitable position for you).
  • Connected with me only to ask me if I knew of any positions for you.

Our exchange could have been so much better, you could:

  • Have asked me about the company I work for, my community, a connection we may both know, or even one of our shared groups
  • Responded to my email with at least “thanks,” “ty,” or etc.  Easy to do and appreciated
  • As for finding a suitable position for you, only you can do that. If you can find LinkedIn, you can find the job boards and company websites.

In any event, good luck with your job search.


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