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Educators and Learners

November 30, 2013 Leave a comment

Thank you Inc., for another good article. I admit I had forgotten how  common educating others (co-workers, prospects, clients, etc.) is part of the job. Often this is not even realized or at least appreciated.

Educators range from sales clerks who take a few minutes to layout the features of two different products for a customer. The sales professional hoping to land an account by customizing a presentation for the client. A co-worker showing a supervisor a few tricks to navigate the new software. Countless other examples exist.

If we are educators, then we are also equally all learners too.

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OTJ: Makin’ it Better

November 24, 2013 Leave a comment

I have been thinking more (a lot more) about training and development and the areas I find interesting. One such area is the on-job-training (OTJ). OTJ is very common, can be formal or informal, dominant form of training in many organizations. For a brief overview, see On-the-job training .

From my experience, OTJ has occurred something like this:

Supervisor: “Mike, go talk with Steve, he knows how to do the process X.”

Mike: “Hey Steve, our supervisor wants you to show me how to do process x.”

Steve: “okay, here is how you do it……done”

Mike: “okay, I think I got it. Thanks.”

My guess is that this is a typical scenario in many organizations. From a training and development experience, there are few things wrong here and few ways for improvement.

First, the wrong. There was:

  • No baseline assessment to see if Mike knew how to do process X
  • No evaluation of whether Mike could execute process X after the demonstration
  • No documentation or job aide (step-by-step/how-to guide) was done
  • No verification of learning

Second, the fix:

  • Explain context
  • Demonstrate to learner
  • Explain steps
  • Document process (note taking)
  • Have learner demonstrate process
  • Check-in with learner to ensure that they are doing the process

Following a few simple steps with OTJ can make it more effective for the learner and organization.

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OTJ enhancement

November 23, 2013 Leave a comment

On-the-job (OTJ) learning/training is very common. I would say that nearly all of the positions, that I had involved a considerable amount of OTJ learning/training. Most of it was as needed, unorganized, unsystematic, and likely not assessed.  the training could have been something as “go ask Joe to show you how he does it” or “I think we have how-to-guide on that.”  Sometimes, I was able to quickly grasp what needed to be done, other times, I need more training. The result of the training was mixed.

Although it is often informal and administered as needed, organizations can provide structure for OTJ. In at advocate enhancing OTJ by:

  • Using video based OTJ
  • Earning badges for small skills
  • Gamification of training
  • Teachable skills (breaking process into small steps)

All great ideas for enhancing OTJ. With the proliferation of smart phones, I really like the idea of “gamifying” training and earning badges or leveling-up.  Make it interesting.