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The Universe and I – Online Application Edition

5 AM, no sun yet. Coffee not even done. Here I sit working on a cover letter for a position (Major area employer), I probably won’t even get a call for.

How, I hate applying online. The horrors. The enter everything and lose connectivity. Non-loading resumes and cover letters. Trying to remember the address I lived at 10 years ago. So many frustrating things. I understand the logic, but hate doing the online applications. Often it is very time consuming for nothing. A waste of time.

This is not a meaningless, random, or purposeless post. There is motive. I hope that by putting it online,  the universe will grab a hold of it and prove me wrong. Come-on universe, I challenge you. Prove me wrong.

Consider it a prayer, a plea, a challenge to prove me wrong. Regardless of what is called, just make it happen.

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FC Kahuna – Hayling

For no particular reason other than it is a great song and the video reminds me of Ex Machina.

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Projects, Learning, and Transitions.

Excited. After contemplation, I am transitioning into programming and IT (yes I realize these are two different areas). I am hoping to learn more about each area, so that I can make a decision on which to pursue.

Currently, I am attacking it at all angles. Working on:

  • Comptia A+ certification training with Cybrary and Professor Messer I am planning to complete the certification by the end of the year.  Both are good, but I think I prefer Professor Messer’s training delivery over Cybrary.
  • Coding at Codeacademy and Freecodecamp. I like both and am enjoying learning the basics of HTML and CSS. Also Codeacademy offers Java Script, Ruby on Rails, Python, and Command line (Completed!) tutorials.
  • Reading on cyber-security and IT topics.
  • Applying at University of the People for their Associates in Computer Science. A great way to get some low cost training, have structure, and hopefully build a portfolio.
  • Looking to connect with people on similar interests.

In any event, I plan to be busy in my transition from property management to technology. Also, I think my blog posts will be evolving and reflect my developing interest in technology and computers.

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