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University of the People…completed semester (Sort of)

It was a pretty tough semester at University of the People (U of P). I certainly could have been more organized and prepared. I think I missed on the final exam in an Introduction to Online Learning class, which will result in me failing the class. I should have taken greater care and thought, I did believe I would have until the 13th to complete the exam, since that is the last week.

It was not a good semester for me, having internet connectivity problems early on and some major life changes were initiated at the beginning of the semester.  This coupled with the holidays and 2 birthdays, I just couldn’t pull it together. I should have waited a semester.

I will give it one more try next semester, before pulling the plug on it. Reflecting back (even though semester is not even over). I could have:

  • Set Gmail calendar reminders for when stuff is due. Stuff moves very very fast. The pace of writing was very intense. I don’t think I have ever had a pace like that even in my upper level graduate courses. I would almost make the recommendation to cut some of it and focus on learning and absorbing the material. I hope the pace of future classes will allow for this. I spent a lot of time, constructing short essays and papers. I now have the superpower to write decent shit on short order.
  • Set-up a work space (will be doing now, since, I am unable to take final).  I definitely should have set a better spot. Even a basement could be a little more inspirational!
  • Consider purchasing or upgrading on an APA citation program. Although I agree with the logic, I found it cumbersome to site everything. In online learning it really does make sense. I will be prepared next time.
  • Do a better job getting to know and even networking with my classmates.

More than likely I will have to take the same class over. This sucks, some (like 98% of) the blame is mine. I should have a set calendar reminders and provided some accountability to for myself. Although there was some intervening issues, I could have and will do better…..next semester.

All things considered, this wasn’t my semester and that’s okay. I hate to fail a course, but I will do better next time.

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