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At the Crossroads

Personally, I feel as if I am  at the crossroads, both personally and professionally. Having undergone some very intense personal life changes — Divorce. It feels good to say the “D word,” I have been avoiding saying it and now it is on the internet (even if tucked away on a blog no one reads). This is a big change in life and also a great opportunity on a few different levels.

Professionally, my current position is becoming out-of-sync with my values and ideas. Even though the check clears, it makes it a little tougher each day. Over time, it has become less rewarding and more of a struggle. I don’t want to exactly jump out of bed and run their in the morning excited to get started.

Both personally and professionally, it is time to start “value-syncing.” If you “value-syncing” becomes a thing, you heard it here first, unless of course you heard it elsewhere first!

At the crossroads, choice made.

For your listening enjoy Robert Johnson, “Crossroads.”

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