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League of Legends – A Few Thoughts

Recently, I have gotten into League of Legends. Okay I have been playing since February of this year. The basic premise of the Summoner’s Rift arena match is to destroy your opponents Nexus. Doing so, you win! For those interested, you caleague_of_legends_logon check out a this new player guide. It offers League of Legends basics.

Playing the game over the last few months, a few things have become apparent:

  • Having a good team and supportive team (even playing with random people) can make the game all that much fun and fulfilling. ¬†Most players have been supportive or at least quiet.
  • Toxic players make me want to unplug my internet connection and “feed the bots.”
  • Definitely some skill to the game and playing well. Kudos to the pros.
  • Researching the game and strategies can make all the difference. Knowledge is power.
  • Best not to run into battle without some sort of a plan.
  • Sometimes after a bad game or three, it is just better to logout and go do something else.
  • It is a game have fun.

To this point, I have only been playing against robots with other humans on my team (mostly). I admit, because of the sometimes toxic community, I have been nervous about venturing into the Person vs. Person (PvP) arena. That being said, soon, I am heading to PvP where the real competition begins.

Many lessons in League of Legends can be applied in the real world.