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Inspired and Rededicated.

As of late, I am feeling particularly inspired to continuing my web programming journey. To continue, I am setting a daily goal list. Truth is, some days will yield greater progress than others. All days must yield some progress and move the proverbial “needle.”

My goals are:

  1. Spend some time daily working on web programming/career transition.
  2. Begin to build a portfolio – even it has simple code in the beginning.
  3. Continue completing coding modules in Free Code Camp and Treehouse
  4. Align social media and web presence with this goal.
  5. Review job postings to gain an idea of what skills and knowledge need to be learned.
  6. Become part of the web developer online communities.
  7. Continue to pursue a programming education in real life through further schooling.

Inspired and rededicated.


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