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Intro to web programming – Assignment 1 Done!

My first assignment for introduction to web programming is complete. I just have to upload it to the server. No major problems, but it was in easy one!

It was basically a “Hello World” page.

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Class Tomorrow!

At last! It happened, I am registered and ready for my course at Macomb Community College for web programming and development. I am very excited and have already begun working through some of the exercises! Yes, I have several “Hello Worlds”

With everything this year, I believe this is definitely a step in a positive direction. It will provide some structure to my self-learning, which has been inconsistent and often incomplete.

Also, I can work on my WordPress posts in HTML. So, I am going to commit  to more posts. I really believe that the more you code, the easier it is and the more proficient I will become.

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