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Social Engineered/Tricked by a Six Year Old.

November 6, 2016 Leave a comment

Originally, I posted this on Facebook  10/30/2016 as a note, but thought it would have a home here too.

My iPhone was hacked last night, it wasn’t by the Russians, the Jester, or Feds, but Charlotte. She used a technique called social engineering. Here is the story.
Recently, I put a password on the iPhone and this bothers Charlotte when she wants to play Flappy Bird. I know she has been watching me put the password in. Earlier in the day, she figured out after weeks of watching me. So, I gave her the phone and told her “prove it.” She entered the correct password and got access. So, I changed the password and told her so. Fast forward to the evening.

Charlotte and I are watching the Cubs game. She casually asked if “Trick-or-Treating time was from 4 pm to 10 pm?”. I said “No that seems early, let me check my phone.” I reach for the phone and type the in the password, proceed to ineffectively search for the information. I tell respond to her that I believe the times are “6 pm to 8 pm, like it had been in the past.”

Thinking about it, I ask her, “You weren’t interested in Trick-or-Treat times, were you? You just wanted to watch as I put the password into the phone?” She responded honestly. She was correct in reciting the password back to me.

A few things were happening here. First, she knew I would reach for the phone to find the information. I always do this, recent searches include: “Alec Guinness,” “Parkour,” “Duvet,” and “Napoleon Dynamite.” She knew my tendency or habit to just go online and search. Second, she knew the previous password wasn’t too sophisticated, because she was able to learn it over time. Like many of the passwords we use, it wasn’t for the record the it was “111222.” A better password might have been “121212” or “238391” or at least something a little tricky. Easy passwords to remember are often easy ones to crack.


Eight Fold Path to Policy Enlightenment

I recently rediscovered A Practical Guide for Policy Analysis by Eugene Bardach.  The book was found among the many other books that had become displaced by Charlotte (4 year old that moves like an F5 tornado).

Thumbing through the book, I was reminded of the practical and structured way Bardach gives us to look at policy. The Eight-fold Path to policy enlightenment:

  1. Define the problem

  2. Assemble the evidence

  3. Construct the alternatives

  4. Select the criteria

  5. Project outcomes

  6. Confront the trade-offs

  7. Decide

  8. Tell the story

The Eight-fold Path can be applied to a variety of policy. In the appendix Bardach offers suggestions on application such as taxes, regulation, subsidies and grants, service provision, agency budget, private rights, structuring activity, and financing and contracting.

Personally speaking, I am currently working in affordable housing and low-income housing. We receive state and federal funding (multi-layered).

In my case,  Bardach’s framework is useful for:

  • Considering policy implementation changes for efficiencies-automation

  • Removal of application barriers from implementation and client perspectives

  • Effectiveness of enhanced housing-providing access to social services or other needed programs.

  • Constructing an argument for a service coordinator or family self-sufficiency program in all income based rental housing

The takeaway:

  • The Path offers a simple to follow system for policy analysis

  • Flexible can be combined used with a variety of qualitative or quantitative methods

  • Appeal to practitioners in a variety of areas (public, private, and non-profit)

I find Bardach’s Eight-fold Path understanding policy and policy implementation useful and practical. I am thinking it might require a more careful reading.


Dear Charlotte,: Connections

February 19, 2011 Leave a comment

Dear Charlotte,

In your first 14 months on this earth we have experienced many things together. I have learned a great deal from you and hopefully taught you a few things (sometimes at the dismay of your mother).  One of the lessons, I have learned from you is how you interact with others. Even though your mother and I are still changing your diapers, you have an amazing way of drawing others to you. Don’t stop doing this. The only person that works a room better than you is a politician.

I can only speculate on how you developed your skill of working a room, but I have discerned a few clues such as:

  1. You are not yet social inhibited
  2. You are just being yourself
  3. You have a genuine and very natural curiosity about others
  4. You are incredibly adorable and people are often drawn the physical appearance of others

Of course this is all speculation from observing you in social situations.

What you don’t yet understand is how important this skill is in life.  The ability to connect with people is imperative for success. You will need to make connections and get along with others in school, working, and in social settings. By doing so you will be increasing your opportunities to for professional advancement, meaningful relationships and friendships, chances to give back to your community, and the likelihood of living a meaningful life.

Your loving father and co-head of “Charlotte’s Entourage.”




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