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Writing, DMAA, and OTJ

New year, new writing goals.  I just submitted a very short article to the Detroit Metropolitan Apartment Association (DMAA) for publication in their Driving Force newsletter. Hopefully the DMAA will publish it.

The article focuses on a few (6 to be exact) steps for improving on-the-job training (OTJ). I chose this topic because OTJ is very common and often poorly done.  However, I believe that its effectiveness can be improved upon simply by adding a little structure to the process.

Hitting send, I was nervous and excited. Often with my writing, I have been very cautious, protective, afraid of criticism, and extremely slow to “ship”.

Being like this, might protective my ego, but won’t improve my writing or ability to organize and communicate my ideas.  I think the goal is to get it “to good enough” and subject the word to the world.


Performance Improvement Technology: An Introduction for Property Management Professionals

What do the following examples have an common?

  • Month end checklist
  • a Wiki
  • Automating purchasing
  • an online tutorial on how to enter rent checks or add a prospect
  • Lean Office
  • Resident satisfaction survey

Random things I have thought of? No, they are examples of Performance Improvement Technology. At its core Performance Improvement Technology provides a systematic method to help organizations improve meet their goals and fulfill their mission. Additionally, I believe (unsubstantiated opinion) it also has an effect on participants both performance and resident.

In a series of upcoming blogs, I intend to focus on some of the following areas:

  • Training and non-training performance improvement interventions
  • Implementation
  • Learning
  • Knowledge management
  • Change management

and how their place in housing and property management. I believe that correct implementation of Performance Improvement Technology can increase the NOI, efficiency, and improve, and innovate the way services are delivered to residents.


In my next post, I will distinguish between training and non-training interventions.