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“Dear Linkedin User”

Dear Linkedin User,

Please consider periodically updating your account. Your last update occurred while “W” was president. Also, please stop hiding your resume and information. Are you not proud of your achievements? Are you just lazy? Stupid? In any case, be proud and take initiative! This silly social media thing probably isn’t going away.

Be advised, no one is asking you to share every detail of your life including personal information such as your social security number, credit card information and the like. That would be stupid. Seriously, please tell everyone where you worked and your credentials.
There is nothing worse than stumbling across your Linkedin “profile” to see you only list the job you had 3 years ago. Really? You can do better than this and you should.

Also, you should consider joining a group and contributing your knowledge. I know you are smart and you could share your contribute your knowledge to the group. Do so. Remember when someone share their knowledge with you? Return the favor. Please.

Furthermore, dearest user, if you are not going to use Linkedin at a reasonable capacity such as listing your experience, contributing to groups, and maybe adding some kind picture, please consider deleting your profile.

Since I mentioned photos, you may be curious about my photo. It is the sunrise over Lake Superior on a November morning about a month before my daughter was born. I have always appreciated the photo for its duality and contrast between night and day. In fact, I think the exact date was November 11, 2009. I have been meaning, for some time, change my photo.

I hope this letter finds you well.


Michael Dvorscak

P.S. Are you “Linkedin”?